Get off the bus, get your feet dirty, come with us and let us show you what it’s like over here in Africa!

We don’t just want you to read about it, we want to take you along for the ride as we share our own experiences of Africa’s wildlife and wild places.

Enjoy some breathtaking photography of the continent’s creatures and wilderness areas.

Come and experience some of the places we’ve been – read the review elsewhere, we’ll tell you what being there meant to us.

See African wildlife through the eyes of those who have been up close and personal with it (and lived to tell the tale)!

Listen to audios of bush stories that might make you shiver or might make you giggle.

Watch videos about animals and places you may never have heard of.

Let us tell you about some of the books, apps and websites that we think are worth a look.

Get to know us, we’re not journalists, we’ve got muddy, we’ve got lost, we’ve been terrified, we’ve lived in really wild places, we keep going back for more and we love every bit of it (well nearly). Come along, let us take you Into Africa.


Latest Issue

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In this issue we take a closer look at Rwanda – a destination that is opening up to travellers after many years as a no-go zone.

Jytte takes us Into the Heart of Africa where she experiences a gorilla trek and visits Dian Fossey’s grave before exploring some of the countryside.

Al gives us some interesting insights into this remarkable primate in Gorilla! and leads us through another interesting Rwandan destination – Nyungwe Forest.

Dave gets up close and personal with a Hippopotamus and wraps up the guide training in the last part of The Diary of a Wilderness Safaris Guide Training Workshop.

Daryl takes us into one of his favourite habitats in our photographic gallery – Sand Forest Spectacles.

Graeme helps us to see an Aerial Acrobat – the Bateleur – through the eyes of an artist in a new series we’ve called A Brush with Nature.



Special Issues

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Special issues are purchased separately and have a specific focus. Our RHINO! special issue takes time to marvel at these magnificent animals and explores their current plight in Africa. Some of the proceeds of this issue go to Wildlife Act – a great conservation organization that does excellent work monitoring key species in a number of parks as well as educating volunteers from around the world through practical, hands-on involvement in their projects.


Our Frozen in Time photographic gallery features the desperate plights of Hope and iThemba – two rhino that lived after having their horns chopped off and were documented for ‘STROOP’ an Afrikaans film due to be released later this year.

Megan tells us about The Rights of a Rhino and what might constitute good manners if you are a rhino.

Dave gives us a few tips on how To Track a Rhino in his INNER TRACKER series.

Al visits the Northern White Rhino in Nile Rhino – extinct in the wild and finds that things aren’t looking good for this subspecies – or should it be a separate species of rhino?

Find our how drinking coffee can help rhinos in Rhino Coffee.

And lots, lots more…

Article of the month


Our featured article for this month is Megan’s interview with Helen Young which answers that question.

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